August 30, 2015

Natural Work of Art

Take a look at this...

It's a Bald Faced Hornet's nest and I think it is absolutely beautiful!  Although quite dangerous.  Harry and I discovered it hanging in the maple tree in front of our house and at first I thought it was a paper wasp nest.  But when the pest control guy came out to remove it, he told us it was a Bald Faced Hornet's nest and it was a good thing we called him.  Apparently they are very aggressive and up to 700 hornets can live in one nest.  Although I *hated* to have it exterminated, we had no choice.  It was too close to our home.  But I thought it was too pretty not to photograph and share.  It was also huge!  I learned the nests are made by the hornets chewing up strips of wood and mixing it with sticky saliva.  

When Harry took it down a couple of days later, we really got a close look at it and saw just how big and beautiful it really was.

Nothing like nature to produce something so pretty.  At least I think so.  


  1. So if Harry took down the nest, what did the Pest Control chap do? Presumably he used some chemicals to kill the hornets?

    1. yes, Mark, he did. He put on his bee suit and pumped the nest full of chemicals. I *hated* for him to do that, but it was too dangerous to keep the nest where it was.

  2. Wow, it is incredibly beautiful and incredibly big! I'm glad none of you were stung by the hornets!

  3. It is definitely a work of art but getting rid of the hornets was wise. Such nasty creatures. They can sting multiple times and not die.


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