December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving in Michigan

This past Thanksgiving was by far the best Harry and I have had in many years.  My mom, both of my sons, their wives, and all their children (my four precious grandchildren) made the trip up North to see us and to spend the Thanksgiving holiday together.  I had high expectations for this visit and they were exceeded tenfold.

It was such a joy to watch both my sons' families come together and get to know each other.  Michael and Daisy are only three weeks apart in age and at 4 years old, they "get" who each other is and really enjoyed spending time together. 

Because Mike and Keith are identical twins, each kid was like:  "Your daddy looks like my daddy."   That part was pretty cute.

I guess the best way I can communicate what an amazing time we all had is to simply share the pictures we took.  I hope you enjoy :)

Katie, Daisy and Baby Gabe - Katie was showing Daisy how to burp a baby : )

 Keith and I making Beef Stroganoff for dinner Wednesday night

 Mike and Daisy and Abby, Michael and Jack reading and just hanging out 

 Poppy and Jack enjoying the early morning sunrise

 Thanksgiving morning sunrise over our beautiful lake.  It could not have been more perfect.

 Harry, Katie, Jack and Mike watching the snow fall over the lake

 Sweet Baby Gabe kind of wondering what was going on :)

 Katie and Gabriel.  Precious mamma/son moment

 Keith and Abby : ) 

Mike and Katie : )

I'll take a moment to interject a thought here.  My sons are very different young men and they married very different women.  But, and this is a big but, each of them married their perfect life partner--the woman who completes them and brings them great happiness.  Katie and Abby are beautiful women and wonderful mothers and I'm truly grateful to have each of them in my life.

Michael V - love that eyebrow look!

 Pretty Katie 

 Katie and Jack Jack 

 Daisy and Michael - beautiful beautiful children. . . inside and out 

 What better way to bond with a cousin than to catch snowflakes on your tongue? : )

 I love this picture!

 Daisy trying to run away from the snowflakes

 Sweet Jack and his puppy Kipper

 No words needed - my greatest joy

 Daisy and Michael still trying to catch snowflakes : )

 Snow falling over our beautiful lake

 Tickling Michael in his ear 

 Keith and Jack over breakfast

 My happy hallway - filled with lots of shoes which means lots of people!

 OK - so these next few photos show the process of building a snowman with only two inches of snow!  But it was so fun to watch and I think a good time was had by ALL!

Aunt Abby was the official snowman maker

Mike and Keith pulled the mischievous stunt of "attacking" Abby and the kids with snowballs.  Well, we all know who won THAT battle!

 Nothing brings out brotherly love like a snowball fight!

 Sweet baby Gabe wondering what the heck is going on?  He just wants to go inside where it's warm and go back to sleep!

 And the snowman begins to take shape . . . under Aunt Abby's and Uncle Mike's supervision

 And here he is. . . Howard Lake Snowman!

 My mamma and sweet baby Gabe

 Me, mom and Gabriel

 Mom, Katie and me

Our Thanksgiving Dinner table

All the kids love to sit on Poppy's lap as he plays piano.

My mom, Mike and Gabe

Jack and Michael helping mommy frost a carrot cake

Pretty Abby with Daisy and Jack who, by the way, look like they could be siblings!   Actually, all the kids look alike.

Engrossed in a movie and some much needed down time

Harry's great nieces stopped by for a visit and ALL the kids loved them, especially Jack :)

Addison playing teacher and reading to everyone 

Harry, Addison and Daisy at the piano

My mom with her four great grandchildren . . . so precious.
Check out the tiny handprint in the window : )

Harry and me with mom and the kids

Harry's and my beautiful family

As you can see, we had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving and I am very thankful for the greatest gift in my life . . . my family