February 15, 2014

Winter Visit

This past week, Harry and I visited our home in Michigan to check on the house and spend time with our family.  And I can't tell you how happy I am to be home!  Yes, it's the middle of the coldest, snowiest winter in more than 50 years; yes, there's three+ feet of snow in my back yard; yes, it has snowed nearly every day since we've been here; but none of that bothers me.  I am just happy to be home!  I had hoped to document my visit with a few breathtaking photographs (ha!), but there was really nothing to photograph, except snow, snow and more snow!  :)

In my back yard, it was hard to tell where the land ended and the lake began!

I did manage to get out and go for a couple of nice long walks.  The temperatures weren't too bad...in the mid teens, instead of the negative mid teens!  I saw quite a bit of bird activity when I was out and about; lots of robins flitting among the tree tops, quite a few Eastern Bluebirds down by the lake shore, and Downy Woodpeckers darting about the oak trees.  While I was walking along the creek that runs behind my house, I saw a small muskrat gliding silently in the cold water.  But the best sighting of all was a blue heron as it glided ever so gracefully into the banks by the lake shore.  Very cool.  I tried to snap photographs of these animals, but I didn't have the correct lens on my camera.  But it was nice to see signs of life in the cold, snowy woods.

There were also lots of critter tracks in the snow; mostly rabbit and deer tracks.  I wasn't lucky enough to catch a glimpse of any of these creatures.  But like most living things in this part of the country, they stay hunkered down unless they have a reason to go out!

We spent a lot of time with our wonderful, loving family here in beautiful Southwest Michigan and also with some new found friends.  Most of them are ready for spring!  Even those that usually greet winter with a smile and a shrug are ready for this one to be over!

And I have to tell you Harry is as happy to be here as I am!

We leave Sunday to return to Texas for the balance of the winter.  But in a short 10 weeks, we'll be back here for another fun summer.  Maybe by then I'll be able to get to my front door :)