May 22, 2015

Off to Argentina!

Many of you know my son Mike, his wife Katie and their three little boys (yes, three little boys!) are traveling South America on a 7-month, 7-country journey.  They left Houston in February, spent eight or nine weeks traveling around Ecuador, a week or so in Peru, a couple of weeks in ChilĂ© and are now in Mendoza, Argentina.

Harry and I leave on Saturday to meet up with them and spend 8 days traveling Argentina with them.  We are SO excited!! Not only to see our kids, but to visit and experience a part of the world we have never seen.  It should be an amazing trip.

If anyone wants to follow Mike and Katie's incredible journey,  check out their beautiful blog:

You can be sure I'll write and post pictures on our trip when we return.   In the meantime, Bon Voyage!

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  1. Yes, bon voyage! By now, you're probably sightseeing and having a grand time. Can't wait to hear about and see photos from your trip!


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