May 9, 2015

First Trip to the Farmer's Market

This is the first weekend the Farmers' Markets here in Kalamazoo were open and although I didn't expect much in the way of vendors and produce (it's still pretty early in the season), I was pleasantly surprised!  There were quite a few vendors selling locally grown, seasonal vegetables and humanely raised and harvested meats.  There were many people coming and going as well.  Always a good sign ;)

I brought home an armload of fresh vegetables and meats.  Take a look:

white turnips, baby carrots, green and purple asparagus, rhubarb and fingerling potatoes

bok choy, ramps and baby beets

 whole chicken, gorgeous chuck roast, ground beef, pork tenderloin and pastured eggs

Not bad for a first trip, eh? :)  I"m so excited that the markets are open and I plan to visit as often as I can.  In addition to regular stops at Wiley Farms of course :)

I plan to write about the meals I create with all this yummy food so stay tuned :-) 


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you cook with those beautiful ingredients! We went to a Farmers' Market today too, but there was little in the way of fresh produce on offer. It was still mostly preserved stuff.

  2. I shop at our local markets, too. Meat from happy animals tastes so much better. :o)

  3. Wow, the veggies look great! Welcome back to the Midwest! We get a vegetable share during the warm months, and I'm looking forward to our first one in about a week. Nothing like fresh, organic, locally grown produce. :)

  4. Thanks y'all! It's good to hear from each of you. I'm happy to be back in the gardening blogosphere.


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