November 13, 2014

First Snowfall

It started early this morning . . .


. . . and it's still coming down.  

The snow has been intermittent most of the day but is supposed to pick up in intensity through the night and continue throughout the weekend.  To say Michiganders are less than excited about the onset of winter is a gross understatement.  As a matter of fact, one of Harry's nieces refuses to even acknowledge winter is here :)  And I can appreciate their feelings.  Last winter was pretty brutal and in the interest of full disclosure~~I was not here to experience it.  But having confessed to that, there is something serene and very pretty about the first snowfall of the season.  As I drove around this morning going about my usual routine, I stopped along the way and shot a few pictures.

Gretchen and Laci appeared unfazed by the snow.  This being their first real experience with the white stuff, I wasn't sure how they would react to it.  Other than being a bit more frisky than usual, they seemed to take the snow in stride.

Once the snow began to fall, I made sure all my bird feeders were full.  Most of the little song birds and the woodpeckers don't migrate; and once the snow falls heavy and blankets everything, it's hard for them to find food.

So yes, it is the beginning of another long winter, but I'm trying to stay upbeat and appreciate the serenity of this moment~~ the first snowfall.


  1. Such pretty photos! I'm glad Gretchen and Laci adjusted to it well. I've heard dogs actually enjoy getting out in the snow--as long as it isn't too cold. Wnter is starting a bit early this year--but that's as true for Texas (and other southern states) as it is for the Midwest (and other points north). Seems like we're all getting an early taste of it this year. Maybe spring will come earlier on the end--there's always hope! ;-)

    1. Yes Beth, one can only hope. But it's still snowing pretty hard, five days later, so I think winter is here to stay : (


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