November 18, 2014

Cold and Blustery Day

And it's only November : (

I know. . . only days ago I wrote about the first snowfall, but the snow has not stopped since I wrote that post.  And it's even colder.  And windier.  And more blowing snow.  And any hope of a reprieve from winter during November is pretty much dashed.

But as I sat on my toasty warm back porch today looking around outside, I saw some pretty neat stuff.  See, I think it's important to pay attention to the small stuff . . . the stuff you don't normally give a second thought to.  Like this pretty dark eyed junco, resting on the bannister, waiting for its turn at the feeder;

My Gretchen girl eyeing Laci down by the lakeshore...waiting to pounce on her as she comes through the yard; neither of them minding the snow at all; 

...and Laci romping through the snow;

...and this pretty cardinal staring down a woodpecker on the feeder;

...and the swans as they swoop across the lake;

...and the snow as it falls in the woods in front of my house and thanking my brother-in-law for plowing my driveway;

Yes, it's another cold and blustery day here in Southwest Michigan, but I am once again thankful that I am warm and comfortable inside my lovely home on the lake.  But Harry is traveling home from Chicago today and is stuck on a train just outside of K'Zoo.  Once he is safely home, I will be even more thankful for this day.

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  1. Definitely plenty of beauty to see in winter, Diane. Thanks for reminding us! The Juncos are one bird unique to the north. They don't even spend summers here--they go north! I'm amazed at how cold-hardy they are. To me, the only truly horrible thing about winter is the cold. As long as I have a warm house to go to, it's not too bad ... until February. ;-)


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