May 29, 2014

Time to Replant

Like most Northern gardens, mine took a huge hit this past winter!  It was so brutally cold for so long with so much snow that even plants that normally survive a cold winter died.  Now that spring is here, I took a long walk around the property to assess the damage.  It was not pretty.

I lost three rhododendrons

My dogwood didn't bloom

 My hydrangea got fried

 I lost four of my nine knockout roses

 and the ones I did not lose are going to need some MAJOR pruning!

 My azaleas didn't fare so well either.  I only lost one of four, but the three surviving ones look a bit peaked

 But all in all the landscaping looked pretty good.  My coral bells all did well, 

My peonies are getting ready to bloom

The evergreens all did well and are thriving!

The phlox is blooming away...pretty in pink!

 And I even spied a nest of baby robins in the alcove near my front entrance!

And I did all this surveillance under the ever watchful eye of Gretchen and Laci :-)

So my first act was to replace the dead rhododendrons.   I found these beautiful white ones at the local nursery and in the ground they went.  The blooms on them are just gorgeous.  I love white flowers. . . any kind of white flowers.

 While I was working I had this plump bumble bee visit me and these beautiful blooms.

Since I don't have a vegetable garden here in my Northern home,  I will get my gardening fix playing in the dirt in my landscape beds.  With a view like this every day, I think I can live with that :-)

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  1. I lost several plants, too, including two shrubs that were expensive to replace. But I took it as an opportunity to add tougher plants. Live and learn! I'd rather have a lake view than vegetables, too!


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