October 16, 2013

My New Life in Michigan

It's rather ironic that my first post on my Pure Michigan blog is a post about our looming departure from Michigan to return to Texas.  I guess my timing is way off on this one.  Maybe it's because I was having too much fun with family and on the lake this summer (and last summer too) to get my new blog off the ground.  But I guess I have to start somewhere and there is no better time than now.

Harry began bringing me to Michigan when we first got together in the mid 1990s.  And I loved it.  Not only because of his warm, wonderful family, but also because it reminded me so much of where I grew up in Massachusetts.  I then began to realize how much I missed the North and all it has to offer.  And yes, even the winters.  

During the past two summers that I've spent here, I feel like I've come home.  It's difficult to explain, so maybe I shouldn't try.  I just know that I have felt more at home here in Michigan these past two years than I have felt in the 32 years I lived in Texas.  That's not to dis the state of Texas.  Not at all.  Texas is a beautiful state with many blessings to offer. I have many wonderful friends in Texas that I miss when I am up North; But for me, I really feel at home here in Michigan.  

Harry and I have built a beautiful home and a wonderful life here in the Mitten.  But this coming Saturday, the 26th of October, we close up the house and return to Texas for the winter.  To say I'm sad is an understatement.  But knowing that we will be back in the spring somewhat eases the hurt.  

Going forward with this blog, I will attempt to document some of this past summer and all the wonderful adventures and experiences we've had.  It's all been so much fun.  

Additionally, anyone who knows me knows just how much I love to cook and how passionately I feel about good food and where it comes from (just note the books in my library).  Part of this blog will be about the food I prepare for my family and friends.  And since I don't have a garden here in Michigan, I can't write about that as I did in my Diane's Texas Garden blog. But I do have beautiful landscaping around my home and will share that and the beautiful wild Michigan flora and fauna as well.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you visit me often.  Here are a few photos of Harry's and my home, the surrounding property and our beautiful Howard Lake.

View of the lake from our porch

My view from my kitchen

View of the house from the lake (we just took the dock out---that is what's stacked on the back patio)

And the best view of all :) 


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  2. Hi Diane; I'm still here... How nice to see you re-surfacing! I'm looking forward to the day you start writing about food again.
    BTW: that new house of yours is wonderful - and the view? It could hardly be better.

    1. Thank you Mark! So good to hear from you :) And yes, I'm still cooking and will begin writing about it very soon...after we return to Texas. Yes, we do love our new home and the view is spectacular!

  3. You're back! You're back! You're back!!! I"m so glad!! LOVE the painting of the couple dancing. Ya know, a veg garden would be awesome out side that beautiful house. :o)

    1. It's so good to hear from you Tammy! Yay! Yes, I am back and I'm so grateful that my blogging buddies like you are still around and interested in what I have to say! Thank you for reaching out to me and I *will* stay in touch.
      Don't ya love that painting?! It's called "The Tango"...well, what else?!

  4. Love the new blog!!
    Love you!

  5. Diane, was so excited to see you back on the blogosphere :-) Your home and the setting in MI looks just amazing. When my husband and I were back near family in WI this summer he said for the first time ever, You know, I think I could live here...in the summers :-) I don't know if I could handle the winters back up north, but the summers and autumn sure are wonderful. I look forward to following you on your new blog! And welcome back to TX for the winter :-)


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